engagement party invites!

October 14, 2011

Here is my next entry onto Etsy. A carnival themed engagement / wedding invite, because whats more fun than a wedding? A carnival or time travel but let's be honest only one of them is ACTUALLY achievable for us plebs. 
I couldn't get any other pics today as the weather has turned the once bright sky to something resembling night time but never fear I shall have more for the beginning of the week. 

So have a fantastic weekend, as for us folks in the southern hemisphere it is the end of the work day on Friday.


  1. Hi! :] Nope, the exhibit ended early September. I'm attempting to play catch up with my blog posts!

    I never thought of a carnival themed wedding...that sounds like it'd be so much fun! Love your designs and following your blog!

    a rainy melody

  2. Oh love this invitation! the retro carnaval theme is so cute!

  3. Hi! I'm promoting my blog, come to visit me!?
    Nice day! :-)


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