some monday moonshine

October 17, 2011

I am lucky enough to have an amazing Dad, not only is he a fantastic, lovable chap he can also fix, make and create just about anything. I sometimes forget that this skill isn't just a man thing but purely a 'my Dad' thing. My poor husband is forever getting odd looks from me when he tries to explain that he can't fix some electrical problem that would result in electrocution or a phantom noise in my car, even when I describe the noise really well with hand gestures and everything... 

Dad has been making wine since I was little, I can still remember being about 4 sitting on the bench in his little shed at our house in England as he tinkered with those globby glass tube things that stick out of the wine buckets. He's had a few explosive brews that Mum could only use for baking with or it would burn a hole through whatever device was being used to drink it... or your internal organs but for the most part they are usually delicious black current sweet wines that leave your internals intact.

So after all these years of his brewing I finally decided it was about time I designed a label for him to use, because really, it's about time Dad had something official. So here is the wine label for my wonderful dads brewing escapades. 


  1. how fun!
    your dad sounds like the bomb.

  2. Awwwwww. That story was so sweet. Your dad sounds like a special man. LOVE the label. The wax seal gives it the royal treatment. :)


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