Christmas is coming!

October 18, 2011

I can't believe it's getting so close to Christmas! I'm starting to have to think about getting presents posted back to New Zealand as it seems that the postal service crawls to a grinding halt about a month before the 25th.

Christmas has also got me thinking about how much I can't wait to live somewhere that has snow over the holidays. I always have fantasies of snow, stockings, roast dinners and snuggling up in a food coma in front of a toasty fire but the reality is that for my English family living in the southern hemisphere, we spend the day eating like it's cold and then laying around feeling the effects of heat exposure and gluttony... it kind of resembles that scene in Alien where the alien pops out of the pregnant belly... only its a food baby and so far we haven't had any actual explosions from eating our body weight is roast. Yet...

So with that said, I'm off to fantasize about snow and wooly hats.

Link to cards


  1. Great design. I love the holidays too!!! And the yummy food that comes with it.

  2. so so cute!!!! Love these! Oh my gosh I can't believe christmas is just around the corner...time goes to fast!



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