summers a'comin and I'm giving you a discount!

October 20, 2011

Images via pintrest. One and Two
Sorry I couldn't get an interview up yesterday, I was lacking any answers to my questions... kinda felt a tad one sided. At least I didn't answer myself, I leave that skill for when I'm alone.

Today I spent the day at the zoo with some friends, it was so much fun frolicking with the animals and eating ice cream with mates (and some primates but they weren't allowed ice cream). All the heat and excitement today has made me really excited for summer... the air is starting to smell warm (except near the elephants, that just smelt like turd) and I'm feeling inspired by the entire city awakening from its winter slumber and starting to come alive with things to do and people to see.

In the spirit of summer and all things warm and fuzzy I felt like offering a bit of a consolation prize for not getting to read an interview yesterday. A discount on my christmas goods on Etsy. Just use this code CHRISTMASDINNER which will give you a 15% discount valid until the 25 October. 

Now go out and enjoy your summer (or whats left of it). 


  1. i love the two pictures.
    we all have a block some day or another. and today we're going to the zoo.

    I'll have to look at your etsy shop.


  2. oh man i love the zoo so much. :)


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