May 28, 2012

A group of us went camping this weekend just gone and despite it being -0.1 degrees in the night it was fantastic, I think it was made even better by being cold because I got to wear track pants and my wooly hat with a giant pompom. The group of us went back to honeymoon pool in Western Australia, I got to see some incredible bird life, eat good food and sit around the campfire with good friends. I spent the end of Saturday night giggling like a school girl with a girl friend as we heard some other campers right behind our tent getting acquainted  in a rather 'intimate' way, apparently they were unaware that linen offers no sound proofing... at all.

My Pentax is still in the shop getting fixed but I still got to take some pretty pictures with my point and shoot, it's just so odd looking at a screen not through the little view finder hole. I got to see some pretty amazing stuff though, including the shot above of the tree tops which is actually the reflection in the river, it was so still it was incredible! I'm so blessed to live somewhere that I can still go camping even in winter and to have a group of friends that enjoy nature. So hopefully these shots are pleasing to the masses and by masses I mean family (hi Mum and Dad!).


  1. At least the camp isn't entertained with creaking bed springs...........
    Just as long as the local insect life didn't give you any trouble!


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