a big thank you Ana!

May 31, 2012

You guys may have noticed that my blog has looked a bit different recently... perhaps a little bit fancier? I think so anyway. Well all this fanciness is thanks to Ana from Blogmilk! I was lucky enough to enter a competition on her blog and win a blog layout from her fancy designs that she sells here. 

So in honor of Ana's awesome coding and design skills I'm dedicating my newest Thank You card as a tribute (a non hunger games, deathy type tribute).

You can buy the card here


  1. Oh Golly! Thank you so much Emma, I was so ecstatic about this I tweeted before I even commented here. I'm so thankful and so honored. Thank you Emma :) You made more than my day! Made my year! xoxoxo

    1. No worries Ana, your a constant help and inspiration! I'm glad to make your day :)

  2. isn't Ana just the best.. and what adorable Card! congrats! xo


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