getting back to nature

June 29, 2012

It's been a funny few weeks, I've been so busy with everything work related that I've got a mild case of burnout at the moment. We did get a chance to escape the city and do part of the Bibbulmen track here in Western Australia with a social group from my husbands work. It was fantastic to go hiking for the day and see a part of Perth that I haven't been to before while getting some exercise. If you haven't done any of the track I'd recommend it, the 'mountains' are actually just big hills so pretty much anyone can do it, the tracks are easy going and I didn't see a single snake, although I did think that I got a tick but it turned out to just be a new mole which is a bit less exciting but a whole lot less diseasy.

I'm looking forward to my next escape, although I think I may be in need of a relaxing, reflective escape if I'm going to be able to keep up with the pace I've been going at. I'm unfortunately built like a sickly pack-horse, so not great for sustained periods of stress and my body sends me into forced rest, i.e. sickness that requires days of tissues and True Blood (the series not the drink). I've always been so jealous of theses people that can run around maniacally for months on end never resting, still looking like a million bucks... but for all the hard work I've been doing, I've got some great results, I now have my cards in 6 more stores around Perth and I've been working on some pretty exciting weddings. I can't wait for their big days to come about so I can share the final products.

So enjoy your weekends, get in some relaxation and I'll envy you from afar.


  1. You're going well---keep it up !


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