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July 2, 2012

This week is going to be good! I've got the massive work backlog out of the way and have started the week on a more healthy level - in other words I actually had time to get dressed before working today AND I had lunch away from my desk... I know, living a life of luxury over here!

I've got a couple of posters that, fingers crossed will be ready to go in the shop this week, one is an ABC and the other a 1 -10 chart all in done with hand typography. It's been a lot of fun making them and hopefully they come together and look fabulous in a frame once I get them back from the printers.

I finally got my camera back this weekend too!!! I was hoping to head down to the beach and get some shots on Sunday but unfortunately our car started shaking like it had a bad chest cold and then the engine light started flashing in an alarming manner so we skipped the beach and got back home, just incase the car exploded and we got stuck at the beach in the middle of winter with a pile of singed car parts. I'm pretty excited about getting out to take some new shots with my newly fixed camera as  I haven't managed to get  anything new since visiting Margaret River where I tool the photo above.

Happy Mondays!


  1. Oh golly! So much like my life. I can't wait for tomorrow! It's 4th of July and Miss Emma and I are taking grilled cheese samies to eat at the beach :)

    Have a restful day, friend!


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