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July 4, 2012

I managed to offload some bulk orders today, I've been swamped with packing and had a slight panic when I ran out of envelopes, but never fear all is done and once one of the boxes is delivered first thing tomorrow I will be all up to date on my wholesale orders. I've even sold out of my 'Oh darling your superb' card. Sorry if that was on your to buy list.

After some self imposed slave labour today I took advantage of the surprise sunshine, we actually reached 21 degrees! It was amazing, laying in the park, in  sunshine with a good book and a hot chocolate, I didn't even have to wear a jumper. See that bird in the picture, I tried to lure it too me so I could dote upon him, in return for my clucking it hissed at me before continuing to ignore me, I don't know about the incline in bird attitudes these days... I blame technology and green peace.

I've also just finished the ABC poster, so that shall be making it's grand appearance on Friday. So hows that for a nail biting cliff hanger. Until next time amigos.


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