wedding invites

July 14, 2012

There are some new invites in my Etsy store, you should take a look! I've been channeling my inner summer (a highly recommended pass time) to make some fresh, light designs for peoples upcoming weddings... this has all been taking place in my ice box office. I swear I opened the fridge the other day and it was warmer in there than in the kitchen. But never fear I still have a few more invites to come so will be courageously designing in my ice palace dungeon to get them finished next week. The main thing that is stopping me freezing into a comically dressed ice cube is the thought of my trip to Bali in September, I can practically feel my nose thawing at the thought of it... mmm, humidity...

We are also currently on a hunt for a house over here and the vacancy rate is ridiculous, under 1% last time I checked. We've been scooting off to view houses only to turn up to lines of about 80 people wanting to get in and have a look.  It also seems the only properties available are damp, cold little holes but you still see people clapping over enthusiastically like well trained seals at the fact that something is actually available. We looked at a really pretty little place today so keep those frozen fingers crossed!

Happy weekend!


  1. these are so great. i can't decide which one is my fav....probably the 2nd.

    1. I think it's my favorite as well... I'm a sucker for baby blue candy stripes!


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