that time at the animal farm

October 12, 2012

While in NZ my hubby and I went to a petting zoo in Taupo. I know it's technically for children but I had so much fun being chased around by piglets and chickens ... I know they just wanted the food we had but I felt so wanted! It would be awesome to see some wedding photos taken there as it is such a beautiful little spot and 80% of the animals are safe, the horned scary beasties are behind fences.

So in honor of it being Friday, the day that you are left brain dead after a week of hard slog, I thought I would publish my fluffy, sweet photos. That way you can just sit and gush with friday mush mind but if you don't gush over piglets I'm not quite sure whats wrong with you... you may need to get it checked out by a professional...


  1. It's so adorable, the piglets' tails!!!
    You're so lucky, I'm a hard core fan in any petting-animals activities!!


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