A little inspiration

October 11, 2012


Here are some lovely things that have given me inspiration over the last couple of days:

1 / A clean, light work space... it's inspiring me to fully unpack in my new office. Perhaps this weekend? But most definitely not until that manky bug I trapped under a cup gets removed by my husband, it's big and it keeps giving me the evil 8 eyes (it may have something do do with me keeping it under a cup).

2 / Nice plain packaging that is a great start for ideas for some childrens party packs that I'm designing. Keeping it simple with easy illustrations that appeals to kids.

3 / Other than the blindingly obvious that I should be drawing / working... right now, it's also kinda cute. In a purely grown up way of course.

Also in the greatest news of the day, I got my new wacom today, it's so shiny and pretty (I even put photo's on Facebook, thats how lovely it is) I can't seem to drag myself away from illustrator because it just got so much fun.  I guess this is how dungeons and dragons kids must feel when they get a new troll hat... pretty spiffy...

All images courtesy of pinterest:


  1. Ahh!! THE THIRD ONE! It's so adorable, tickling my mind ><


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