Just showing off

October 10, 2012

I recently got to go on a holiday to spend time with my family back in NZ. While we were there my family took a boat trip on a replica steam boat out around lake Taupo. It was such a clear beautiful day that all the kids (and my sister in-law) got to take turns steering the boat on the way to see some Maori carvings.

I loved getting a chance to play paparazzi, getting shots of my family that they usually would have run and hidden from or over posed like overly enthusiastic catalogue models, *cough*... Kirsty... you know who you are! Who knew all it takes to distract them is an expensive piece of aquatic equipment and stunning scenery... looks like I had best start earning more if I want to keep documenting that lot. In the process of  all this documentation, I got to get a really good feel for my 'new' (really, realllly old) 50mm lens that my husband surprised me with, I think I finally have the hang of the manual setting. Before most of my photos looked like they had been taken with a lens that was suffering from severe cataracts.

So this is me showing off about my boat trip and my new lens... I was away for a whole month so don't be thinking this is the last time you'll be seeing my happy snaps, because lets be honest, it's not.


  1. Love these images Em, ur so talented! Can't wait to see more! x


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