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October 17, 2012

So, this week has been kind of nuts! One of those ones where at the end of the day you want to collapse on the couch and they only way you can be bothered eating is if you are spoon fed soup so you don't have to move while in your comatose state.

So while I've been sprawled on my comfiest seat in the house I've been catching up with my reading and this magazine 'Extra Curricular'  has been something that I have been devouring. It's a limited addition mag that is printed in New Zealand (hence why my copy is so out of date!) for creative folk.

It's full of great interviews from creative people that so far have all had a really interesting story and the articles are easy reading, not full of the elitist twaddle that some small scale creative magazines can sometimes lapse into. It's brilliantly designed and comes in a lovely small size with rounded corners... perfect for slipping into your handbag for those 'I can read and my boss wont catch me' kind of moments. 

Click here to find out more about the magazine and where to get your copies from because it's totally worth it if your even vaguely interested in any form of design. 


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