wedding tips part one

August 13, 2012

When I'm meeting with clients for the first time to discuss designing their invites there are some pretty common questions that pop up. It seems that people can feel quite anxious about us 'design' types so over the next few days I will answer these questions to help you if you are ever meeting with a designer for the first time.

1. When do I need to get my save the date / invites sent by?
If you are sending out save the dates for a destination wedding then anywhere from 1 year to 6 months is appropriate, if your wedding is close by try to give 4 months heads up to your guests so that they don't get double booked and can find accommodation if needed.
For the invite it self I recommend sending it out around 2 months before the wedding, this gives people time to respond but also its not too far away that they forget your details.

2. I don't want children at my wedding, how can I let my guests know this without causing offense?
This is always a touchy one but I recommend offering an alternative for the parents, for example: "Unfortunately our wedding is not a kid friendly event but we have arranged for baby sitters close by / on site that you can use if needed" which sounds far nicer than "Don't bring your children, we want a kid free night". Add this onto the info section and it covers you from any unexpected little party crashers and also doesn't leave your guests in an awkward situation.

3. What do I need before I see you about the designs?
At the point where you are talking with your designer about stationery it is best to have a location secured, a theme decided upon, a budget and an idea of wording. The wording can seem like a minor one but depending on how much information you want included can drastically change the design. You don't need to know exactly what you want, we work together on that. Last minute additions may end up costing fractionally more but can be done at a separate time to the invitations.

One last tip is always keep communication open, it can lead to stilted designs and both parties being unhappy if it takes weeks to get any feedback from a client. Some designers also have a kill fee where if they can't reach you within 2 weeks your job gets cancelled and you lose your deposit.

Hopefully these pointers will help you to get more understanding of what you need when approaching a designer for some event design.

*I also want to let you know that I currently have the dastardly flu, and am hopped up on cough syrup, copious amount ginger and no sleep so if there is anything 'interesting' in the content.


  1. Very useful tips Emma! Hope you are feeling better soon :) x


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