wedding tips Part 2

August 14, 2012

Part 2 of answering questions as promised!

1. How long do you need to design and print my stationery?
It is really dependant on how busy I am but I recommend a month and a half minimum. You can get a rush job if your desperate but they are billed at an extra 25%. 
Giving your designer more time means you don't get a rushed design as we can spend more time perfecting the idea. I know that for me the best designs are ones that come to me while mulling over the brief not frantically rushing towards a deadline. 

2. Why do you need so much information?
The reason us designers ask so many questions about wording, colours, timing etc, is that just 1 extra word can totally change an entire design so if we get all the nitty gritty details right from the start you don't end up needing a complete redesign because information wasn't given at the start. It also helps us to give an accurate quote and let you know just how long we actually need to get everything ready for you to send your invites out.

3.  I saw another design, will you copy it for me?
In short, no. I will not take another designers work and replicate it, but if you love a style of design we can work together to get the same kind of feel in your designs.



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